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so, what do you know about web design?

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    why get a website?

    50% of small businesses in the UK still have no online presence at all – it’s an unbelievable statistic considering the benefits you get from being online. Harnessing the web as a businesss tool is so important at present. Many companines choose not to have a website as they see their business as a purely offline entity; beauticians, personal trainers, plumbers, driving instructors and any number of other local businesses measure their success by the amount of offline relationships they build, but they’re often unaware that the Internet can play a huge part in that. Let’s stay with the statistics for a moment to highlight just how big the opportunity is. As of August 2013, 85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses, so it’s crucial to get the basics online and in place.

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    what is responsive design?

    At it’s simplest, responsive websites respond to their environments. So whether you’re using a latop, ipad or mobile, your website will appear professional and usable on any device. The number of devices that can access the Internet is increasing by the day, and more and more of these devices are using different screen sizes. Responsive design allows you to cater for all of these devices and screen sizes using a single website. Here at tp. all of our new websites are built responsively, so you can rest assured that your customers will have a great experience whatever device they may be using. It has been found that 90% of multiple device owners switch between screens to complete tasks, so it’s important that your online presence stays consistent, wherever it‘s been accessed.

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    what is hosting?

    Most people have heard the term “web hosting”, but very few people know eactly what it is and why it is needed. Websites are stored on web servers, which you can think of as a computer folder in the cloud. Most of us are familar with folders on any standard computer, you create a file structure and organise your documents. In a nutshell, web hosting is pretty much the same thing. When we create your website, we put the files onto one of our web servers, which is connected to the Internet, making them accessible to the world. We offer hosting at a fixed fee to all customers that have had a site built by tp. Our hosting has 99.9% uptime as standard, so you can be sure your website is always available when people are looking for it. We’ll also manage your web space for peace of mind.

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    designed to achieve business goals

    Here at tp. we don’t just build pretty websites, we build websites that work! Each website we build is crafted for a purpose. We work with you from the outset to identify your business goals and build a website that seeks to achieve them. Whether your business wants more phone calls, email leads, online sales or you just want to get more people through the doors, we have a set of strategies to help you achieve your objectives. We’ve worked with thousands of SMEs, tested countless web elements, in a wide range of verticals, so you can be sure we’re well equipped to design and develop your next website. Once your website is complete, we don’t stop there, we monitor how your visitors are using your website and look to continually improve your presence over time.

Which website is right for you?

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    website packages

    If you’re a client and would like a simple web presence that gets results, we have the perfect solution, the If you’re looking for something more in depth, we have two main packages, tp.starter and tp.premium. You can look at each package in more details further down the page, or for a quick overview see below.



Our is available to clients only. We create a bespoke landing page tailored seamlessly to match your search campaign. We work with you to define your objectives and create a page that accomplishes them. We provide web hosting and a domain name free of charge and also ensure that your page is fully responsive and able to work on all computers and devices.



Our tp.starter package provides a 5-page bespoke website for your business. We ensure that your website is developed to W3C standards and use HTML 5, CSS 3 & jQuery to create beautiful websites that just work. This package provides free hosting, a domain name, email management and also includes, which covers just about anything web related.



Our tp.premium website gives you all the features outlined in our tp.starter package but you get double the page allowance. We also create your Google My Business account, so you can appear on Google maps and within Google’s local search results. With tp.premium we also customise an analytics dasboard for you, so you can see your most important web statistics at a glance.

Why let tp build your new website?



We’ve helped businesses advertise online for almost 20 years now; with a focus on paid advertising for 6 of those years. This has allowed us to manage paid search in almost every sector, so you can be sure we know what we’re doing.



Our team are trained to industry best practices. We follow thought leaders and have structured our approach to web design using eConsultancy’s market leading advice. Keeping up-to-date is essential and we make it a priority at tp.



If you’re still in any doubt, why not see what our clients have to say. We have toured the country getting feedback from the people we deal with on a day-to-day basis. And what’s more we have captured it all on video for your viewing pleasure!


single landing page


only available to clients
no annual fee
inc. hosting and domain name

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5 page bespoke website


£200 annually
inc. hosting, domain name,
email management &

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10+ page bespoke website


£200 annually
inc. hosting, domain name,
email management &

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The package in detail

Fully responsive landing page built to suit your business objectives.

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  • email_iconEmail Support
  • phone_iconTelephone Support

The package in detail

Fully responsive, full, built to suit your business objectives.

  • account_iconDedicated Account Manager
  • email_iconEmail Support
  • phone_iconTelephone Support

The package in detail

Fully responsive, with all tp.starter features and a few little extras.

  • account_iconDedicated Account Manager
  • email_iconEmail Support
  • phone_iconTelephone Support

Website Management

domain-iconDomain Nameprice_ticksignprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
lock-iconWebsite Hostingprice_ticksignprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
email-iconEmail ManagementEmail ForwardingPOP3POP3

Design Approach

responsive-iconResponsive Designprice_ticksignprice_ticksignprice_ticksign


targeting_iconGoogle Mapprice_ticksignprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
match_testingContact Formprice_ticksignprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
reporting_iconGoogle Analyticsprice_ticksignprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
social-links-iconSocial Media Linksprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
extensions_iconSliding Bannerprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
dashboard_iconAnalytics Dashboardprice_ticksign
google-setup-iconGoogle Places Setupprice_ticksign

Add Ons

logo-design-iconLogo DesignAdd £249Add £249Add £249
testing_iconContent Management SystemNot AvailableAdd £299From £499
custom-form-iconCustom FormAdd £100Add £100Add £100
testimonial-iconTestimonial SliderAdd £100Add £100Add £100
video-iconVideo (Must be Supplied)Add £100Add £100Add £100
blog-iconBlogNot AvailableAdd £1000Add £1000