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what are search engines? and what is optimisation!

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    how search engines work

    Most people have used a search engine before. You type in a keyword or keyphrase and the search engine returns a set of results that relate to whatever it is you’ve typed in. This part is simple, right? Wrong!

    All search engines have a formula that they use to position websites when a particular keyword is searched for. This formula is often referred to as the search engine’s algorithm.

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    search engine optimisation

    Search engine optimisation or SEO is the process of improving a website’s position in search engines to increase the amount of visitors it receives. When you have a higher search engine position, more people are able to find you.

    Search engine’s look at hundreds of indicators when choosing what to return for a given keyword. Their algorithm then determines where your website is positioned. The key to a better position is making sure your website has these indicators available.

what do search engines look for?

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    Search engines love unique and engaging content. They try to provide searchers with as much variety as possible. So if you copy another websites content, search engines are less likely to show your website in their results. They also keep track of whether your web page satisfies a particular search, for instance, if someone types a keyword, clicks your website in the search results, but then immediately uses their back button to choose another website, it tells the search engine that your website isn’t a great match for the search and is less likely to show it in future.

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    Search engines look for a variety of indicators in your websites code to determine where you appear in their search results. So it’s important that these signals are available and accessible, to give you the best chance of increasing your search positions. Each web page should have a clearly defined title, which describes what the page is about. Search engines also use headings, formatting and the positioning of content to decide how relevant a page is to a given keyword or keyphrase. Making sure you’ve used the right code in the right place is half the battle with SEO.

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    Coupled with content and code, authority is one of the key indictors that seach engines use to determine your position in search results. When people find your website useful, they often reference or link to it. These links can be considered as votes to a search engine. The more people that link to your website, the more search engines believe that your content is credible and worthwhile to its users, so they position you higher in their search results. The value of each link or vote is determined by where it came from and how relevant it is to your website.

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    Many search engines use website performance as an indicator when positioning websites in their search results. Although this indicator is weighted less than your page authority, written content and code, it’s still worth optimising for and your users will thank you for it! Nobody likes to wait around for a slow page to load and it’s a sure-fire way to lose visitors before they’ve even looked at what you have to offer. It’s always wise to benchmark your websites speed against the websites of your competitors to see if you’re site is particularly slow or could do with attention.

Which package is right for you?

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    seo packages

    We only have one SEO package. tp.SEO. It’s a completely custom package, tailored to your current presence. Before commencing, all of our SEO clients take out the tp.Trial as standard. This helps us to gauge your website’s ability to perform and allows us to evaluate your current authority, how you fair against your competitors and assess some of the tactics we’ll employ in your custom campaign.



The tp.trial is our introductary package that aims to give you a taste of the service that tp can provide. In the first month of your trial tp will undertake extensive keyword reserach, a competitor review, set up Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools, provide a content review, submit your website to DMOZ, review your social media presence and make recommendations based on our findings. On top of all this, we develop a link building strategy that is tailored to each individual client and derived from only tried and tested metods that don’t conflict with search engine’s webmaster guidelines.



After your initial trial, we tailor an SEO package for your business in accordance with the goals you want to achieve. If you would like to position well for a certain keyword or would like a certain amount of traffic, we work with you to develop a set of KPI’s to ensure we can monitor the performance of your campaign. For example, we might set a target of positioning 40% of your targeted keywords on the 1st page or send you 10,000 visitors within the first 6 months. And unlike most companies, once we’ve agreed a set of targets, we won’t stop until they’re achieved, even if it means working for free until complete.

why choose tp to optimise your website?



We have helped businesses advertise online for almost 20 years now; with a focus on search advertising for 6 of those years. This has allowed us to manage search campaigns in almost every sector, so we know what we’re doing!



Although there’s isn’t a formal qualification for SEO, our team are trained to industry best practices. We follow thought leaders and have structured our approach using eConsultancy’s market leading advice.



If you’re still in any doubt, why not see what our clients have to say. We have toured the country getting feedback from the people we deal with on a day-to-day basis. And what’s more we haveve captured it all on video for your viewing pleasure!



trial our services on a single landing page


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package focussed on a single landing page

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entirely custom seo campaign


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custom package

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The package in detail

Expertly deployed seo campaign, designed to achieve success for a single landing page.

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The package in detail

Post-trial seo package, carefully designed to meet your
business objectives.

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Keyword Research

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selection_iconCompetitor Analysisprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
unlimited-keywords-iconUnlimited Keywordsprice_ticksignprice_ticksign

Landing Page

architecture-iconArchitecture Checkprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
copy_icon Relevancy Checkprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
keyword_icon Penalties Checkprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
multiple-landing-icon Multiple Landing Pagesprice_ticksign

Link Building

ethical-icon Ethical Strategyprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
focus-iconFocus on Link Qualityprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
link-delivery-iconLink Diversityprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
match_testingContent Linksprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
anchor-iconNatural Anchor Distributionprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
testing_iconFocus on Relevancyprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
custom-link-iconCustom Link Strategyprice_ticksign

Measurement & Reporting

reporting_iconGoogle Analytics Setupprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
webmaster-tools-iconWebmaster Tools Setupprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
link-placement-iconLink Placement Reportprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
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social-bookmarking-iconSocial Bookmarking Reportprice_ticksignprice_ticksign
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