Photography & Video

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1. Get in touch with our team

Our friendly team will talk you through everything you need to know about 360° photography and how it can benefit your business. When people search for your brand name on search engines, assuming you have optimised your local presence, you will see a number of images directly on the search page. Our team can add a virtual tour within these results so that customers can preview your business before visiting, which can increase visitor numbers dramatically.

2. Schedule your photo-shoot

Once you have contacted our photography team, we will arrange a photo-shoot at a convenient time for you. You can schedule this during working hours if you want your virtual tour to show your business as it operates. Alternatively, you can schedule your appointment out of hours, so that people can just view your premises. Both work well, but different verticals can benefit from working hour/out of hours shoots. Our team will help you decide which is best for your business.

3. We’ll do the rest

After scheduling the appointment, we will visit your business and take the necessary shots to create your virtual tour. We will then merge these digital images into a 360 tour that can be used on your website or on some of the most popular search engines around. We can also attach your virtual tour to many of the web’s online mapping tools, so that visitors searching for you on a map, can then look inside your business to get a taste of your brand and premises.

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give customers a virtual tour with tp and Google maps business view