Why Choose Us?

1) we specialise in online marketing for SME’s


We have worked with thousands of SMEs over the years and the experience gathered directly benefits our clients today. We have specialised in paid advertising campaigns for over 7 years now, working with over 1,000 clients. Working with clients from many different industries has allowed us to define our own best practices, deconstructing common paid strategies and refreshing them to suit our clients specific needs. We have had success in almost every vertical at varying spends, which allows us to adopt the best possible strategy for your budget.

2) certified by the biggest names in online marketing

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  • ads-bing
  • ads-edmu
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Partnering with industry giants allows us to keep on top of industry best practices, critical to your success. We are given industry insights, the latest tools, training, research and access to products allowing us to stay one step ahead of the digital world. Our aim is to provide “Advice you can trust”.

We currently have five Google Partners qualified in search advertising and two in display advertising. We have two members of staff qualified as accredited professionals with Bing Ads and we are working towards becoming a Bing Authorised Reseller and Digital Ad Operations certified with the iab, which asserts our team’s understanding of the market we’re positioned in.


3) we come highly recommended

Steve Salter

Steve Salter

Director - Innovation Interiors


Having worked with a whole host of clients over the years and after hearing such great feedback, we thought we would go on tour and capture some of the glowing reviews we have received on video! We have tried to include a broad selection of clients so that you can relate to a review from your vertical;

  • Property
  • Weddings
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Home & Garden
  • Travel & Leisure


Although tp. has been trading in digital marketing for nearly 20 years now, it is our passion for paid advertising that has driven the business over the last seven. Our unique advantage over other agencies is our extensive client base. Traditional agencies manage somewhere in the region of 10-100 clients at a time. tp successfully manage over 1,000 clients and the extra experience we gain from testing, measuring and reporting on such a wide range of businesses is invaluable.

5) we don’t agree with long-term contracts


Unlike many other agencies, we don’t bother with long-term contracts. You won’t have to sign up for six months or even a year to work with us, like some agencies. We are completely confident in the services we provide and our clients stay with us on a month to month basis. Within a few short months of hiring us, the value of working with tp is more than evident, which is why we have so many clients, and clients that have been with us and happy for years! We love working month to month. It keeps us on our toes. We are more pro-active this way, which leads to us work and perform better for you.

6) our approach to PPC is completely accountable


All tp. paid advertising packages come with reporting as standard. How are you going to analyse performance, if you can’t make a comparison of results? The answer is you can’t. We are also able to provide weekly and daily reporting for some clients where appropriate and we can even create custom reports on request. We are all looking for the marketing package that pays for itself.

  • Average ad position across all clients:2.42

    since 2007
  • Over 90 million impressions generated

    since 2007
  • Over 100,000 keywords advertised

    since 2007
  • 50,000 unique ad copies written to best practice

    since 2007